Hi, my name is Catherine Collins, founder of Emotional Renovation. Emotional Renovation was birthed out of my personal inner healing experience with Jesus and a desire to see people enjoy life to the fullest — free from the captivity and pain of past hurts.

Most of us have suspected what many psychologists agree with: That much of our negative emotions today are in some way connected to our past experiences.  Things such as depression, eating disorders, addictions, anger, fear, anxiety, feelings of rejection, unhealthy patterns and sometimes even illness (just to name a few) can be tied back to things we came to believe through our early encounters.

In my fifteen years of experience working with countless individuals as an emotional renovator, I have certainly found this to be true. But what I have also found, and this is the good news, is that we’re not stuck! As the before & after stories on this website illustrate, there is a way to override those negative experiences through God’s love and walk away with a totally new reality that changes our lives today! No matter what you’re struggling with, there is hope.

I can help you make that connection with God in a safe, caring, judgment-free way where you can experience the breakthrough you need for more happiness than ever before.  Please email me at emotionalrenovation@gmail.com to take your first step to greater freedom.  We will set up a convenient, one hour, over-the-phone meeting to begin your personal journey of emotional renovation!

Let’s get started! Email me now at emotionalrenovation@gmail.com

Please note that I am not a licensed therapist and am not qualified to diagnosis or treat any conditions. My goal is to help you connect with God’s life-changing love.


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  1. Catherine, I can’t tell you the kind of help I need. I’ve been a born again Christian for a very long time but it’s just been now that I saw this ugliness in me and I was becoming a very opinionated person that was hateful. I didn’t see God’s fruits in me, I cried to God & to my husband when he suggested I keep a daily journal about my life it was then that I read it daily that I knew I needed to change. I opened up a blog 29 days ago and godly people have been giving me advice, it’s a progress & a challenge. I was abuse as a child physically, emotionally and verbally and rejected by my parents and family members because I looked like my mom and no one liked her so they took out their frustration and anger on me. I’ve become bitter and angry and I so desperately want to change and be a godly woman & help others that have endured what I have. Thanks for visiting my blog. I’ve enjoyed reading your blog.

  2. Catherine is a very gifted, sensitive counselor and prayer partner. Prayer is fundamental to her ministry, as well as being led by the Holy Spirit. For example, just a few weeks ago, I was sitting on my couch at home and was suddenly overwhelmed with the thought, “You are lazy and boring”. I did not verbalize out loud that statement to anyone, not even to myself or to Catherine. Later that same day, I had my prayer session with Catherine and during the prayer session she said, “God wants you to know that you are NOT lazing or boring.” Wow! When she said that, it just confirmed to me that she was hearing from The Lord, and it opened up a whole new area of my woundedness that needed to be addressed. She also helped me see that my life had been fragmented by the abuse I suffered as a small child. Through prayer with Catherine, I have made significant progress in putting the pieces together in my life and walking further down the road of healing. She is truly a blessing to the Body of Christ.

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