God’s Superhero Sidekick

From Sean:

Before I met with Catherine, I was experiencing a lot of anxiety. I had a situation at work where I felt my boss was trying to take advantage of me, and I felt really stressed about it.

As we prayed, I realized I felt really unprotected. The feeling I had was that I was all alone and on my own, and there was no telling who might take advantage of me, or do me harm, at any minute. I had to be constantly on guard.

We asked God what he wanted to do about this, and suddenly I started laughing because what I heard God say was “Protection. Jesus offers you His protection.” Just like Napoleon Dynamite said to the high school kid who was being picked on. “Pedro offers you his protection.” I could not stop laughing. (Referring to a scene from the movie Napoleon Dynamite.)

Then I sensed a feeling coming up of just being plain terrified. We asked when was the first time I felt this way, and I remember being young, about three or four years old. My dad used to drink and fly into a rage and terrorize my mom. It was a common occurrence. I saw myself, and I was totally petrified. I felt the same way: all alone and on my own. We asked Jesus to come, and immediately I saw him pick me up like you would a two year old and hold me against his shoulder and pat my back and console me. I sensed Him saying, “Let’s take you out of this place.” I saw my home growing up as if I had x-ray vision, and I could see all the demons and darkness. It was as if God was rescuing me from hell itself.

Then, as I was being taken away, we turned to my old home, and I saw myself doing judo moves (still in Jesus arms) as if I were a well-trained ninja. Then I sensed hearing super hero theme music, and I went back into my home and kicked all the demons butts. They did not stand a chance. Even those that thought they had me licked suddenly in an instant found themselves overcome and defeated, knocked out. Then, when all the bad guys were dead, I raised my arms up high and shouted as long as I could. I knew I was shouting at the injustice. After I was done shouting, I cried and cried, and Jesus came up to me and said in a comforting way, “Come on, I have better things for you.”

I realized that the shouting was important because I had felt so powerless through the entire experience of my dad’s drinking growing up. I knew I had felt afraid, but I had not realized up to that point how powerless I had felt.

Jesus picked me back up, and I saw myself striking a pose as if I was a superhero, like his sidekick. I saw myself doing judo moves, and it felt really good, really empowering. The session ended with me facing the world, as if I was the new superhero sent to bring about justice in the world. But superimposed upon me was Jesus. It was as if I was in Jesus, and he was also in me. Wherever I went, he was there.

I then remembered by experience with my boss earlier that day, and I realized I had been changed and would deal with these situations much differently in the future knowing that Jesus offers me his protection!

This story is true and was posted with permission. The names were changed to ensure privacy.

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