Jesus is more powerful than the abuse.

Olivia writes:

Emotional Renovation has really helped me with my healing process from my sexual abuse.  I started meeting with Catherine over the phone a few months ago.  When we prayed, Jesus always showed up.  During my ER sessions, God would sometimes bring me back to my childhood and showed me where He was during the abusive times.  Even though there was much pain remembering each abusive situation, I always ended the session with peace because He showed me where He was in the midst of it all. It has been so comforting to see Jesus right there with me, loving me, even in the middle of the abuse. It hasn’t changed the history of what happened to me, but changed my outlook and attitude knowing that God never left my side.  God didn’t want those things to happen to me, but man has a free will to do as he pleases, even the most evil of things.  Now, when I think about my abusive childhood, I can often smile because I see Jesus right there with me, loving me, comforting me, and it is more powerful than the abuse. God’s love envelopes the memory of my abuse.  His healing love is just so incredible, so soothing.  It’s almost too good to explain, you just have to experience it.   I thank God for the ministry of Emotional Renovation.  He really is healing me, little by little.


This story is true and was posted with permission. The names were changed to ensure privacy.

If this story brought something to mind in your life that you would like help with, please email to schedule your own appointment for emotional renovation.

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